hi, i'm chae!

i'm a graphic designer, an artist, 
a creative director, & a ring pop addict.

I am a senior studying Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. With my 4+ years of experience in the creative field and my lifelong devotion to visual arts, I am passionate to help individuals and businesses make their voices heard through innovative design solutions. 

In the past, I have been the Graphic Design Director for a student-led design consultancy called Design U and a Design Research Assistant at the Digital Arts, Sciences, and Humanities Program at the University of Minnesota.


Currently, I am a Creative Director at the Wake Magazine. I am also working at JOYCE, a Minneapolis-based creative studio as a design intern!

I am always hoping to add more visual and technical skills under my tool belt, as I have always been an advocate of endless learning. My strengths lie in design and art but I'm knowledgeable in coding as well, which comes in handy when I'm working on web design projects!