hello there!

I'm a graphic designer, an artist, 
a creative director, a ring pop addict
& a newbie ceramicist

joyce headshot 2 small.png

I am a senior studying Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. With my 4+ years of experience in the creative field and my lifelong devotion to visual arts, I am passionate to help individuals and businesses make their voices heard through innovative design solutions. 

In the past, I was the Graphic Design Director for a student-led design consultancy called Design U and a Design Research Assistant at the Digital Arts, Sciences, and Humanities Program at the University of Minnesota.


Currently, I am the Creative Director at the Wake Magazine. I am also working at JOYCE, a Minneapolis-based creative studio as a design intern!

I am always hoping to add more visual and technical skills under my tool belt, as I have always been an advocate of endless learning.